Diving: where to see the most beautiful underwater landscapes on the north Dominican coast?

Diving has become one of the most envied activities by travelers nowadays, especially in islands like the Dominican Republic. Indeed,…

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What are the best windsurfing spots near Santiago de los Caballeros ?

The word ‘Spot’ comes from the English language and means “site”, “place” or “area”. It is characterized by different fundamental…

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Samana : where to see whales and dolphins?

A vacation in Samana in the Caribbean is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This destination promises you an outstanding stay with the…

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Pico Duarte: for hiking enthusiasts

The Dominican Republic is a tourist destination famous for its fabulous beaches and resorts. But that’s not all, because it…

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How to visit the mines of Larimar?

Many tourist sites invite you to visit the Larimar Mines to discover the wonderful Larimar stones and their extraction process….

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What excursions to make on the Dominican Southeast coast?

The vacations are approaching. We assume that you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic. It is a very…

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