What excursions to make on the Dominican Southeast coast?

The vacations are approaching. We assume that you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic. It is a very good idea. This small corner of the world, rich in biodiversity, seduces vacationers and travelers with its magnificent sandy beaches and turquoise water.

The Dominican Republic, ecotourism and cultural destination

In the Dominican Republic, you could find, of course, wonderful beaches, but also cultural and eco touristic destinations. You can also enjoy family activities. So, what to see and do in this little heavenly place? First of all, we will visit Punta Cana. Who has never heard of this place? It is the number one city in the country. You find there the most important airport on the island. Not as much as everyone thinks, it is located on the Caribbean coast. In fact, Punta Cana is located on the side of the Atlantic Ocean. Still, that doesn't change its charm. It is also home to Marinarium Park and Manati Park. These are two popular places for snorkeling. Nurse sharks and rays swim there.

Santo Domingo, the historical capital of the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is claimed to be the capital of the country. It is located in the southern part of the island. It is the most unmissable place in this small country. UNESCO has classified it among the world patrimonies of humanity. This is due to its historical importance and its immense beauty. From an anthropological point of view, it is the oldest capital of the New World. In 1496, it was founded by the younger brother of Christopher Columbus. In Santo Domingo, you will find a huge botanical garden with a great diversity of endemic plants and palms of various species. It looks like a Japanese garden. The lighthouse that is in honor of Christopher Columbus also highlights the particularity of Santa Domingo. A museum is available to the public. From an anthropological point of view, it is the oldest capital of the New World.

Kah Kow and its chocolate museum

It is very ideal for you to walk around and admire the wonderful colonial buildings of Santo Domingo. Calle de las Damas is the oldest street in the city. On Calle Las Damas, you will find Kah Kow Experience (KKE) being a museum, chocolate factory, and coffee shop all in one. There will be an operational visit, very pleasant for the whole family. You will discover the anecdote about cocoa, its manufacturing process, as well as its tasting.

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