Diving: where to see the most beautiful underwater landscapes on the north Dominican coast?

Diving has become one of the most envied activities by travelers nowadays, especially in islands like the Dominican Republic. Indeed, when you are on vacation in these paradisiacal tourist islands, there is nothing better than a little diving to live an unforgettable experience. Nevertheless, for a worthy and rewarding trip, you must first know where to start, where to go, and when. Here are some of the places you must visit during your stay in the Dominican Republic.

The North Dominican coast, a great place for diving!

The Dominican Republic is a tourist island that owes a lot to its paradisiacal beaches and its underwater treasures, its environment is indeed very adapted to scuba diving. Travelers will be able to admire the marine landscapes in all their diversity and attend to the fauna of the surroundings. All around the island, there are dozens of diving sites, but for the best experiences, it is still recommended to go to the sites located in the northern part of the island, the best tourist area of the country. For more information, visit the official website of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

The best diving sites!

As it was said, for a better experience, it is necessary to know before all where to go and where to dive, here are some sites that you can visit in the Dominican northern part - EL FRONTON, located in Las Galeras, is a site with a heavenly beach. The reef opposite the beach is endowed with seawater that is only 17 meters deep, giving visitors access to the magnificent preserved beach, Playa Fronton. - The Dolpin Wreck, this site is recommended for professionals, but it certainly has one of the best underwater landscapes in the country. Initially intended for scientific research, the Dolpin sank in the vicinity of Las Teresa in 2000, and since then it has been abandoned to form artificial reefs that divers can visit. -Las baleinas, located again off Las Ballenas, where visitors can admire huge schools of sergeant majors, surgeonfish, and colorful corals a few meters underwater.

The best time to go diving?

Of course, Dominican waters are accessible all year round, but for a better experience, it is recommended to dive between June and September, when the waters are calm and offer favorable conditions for submerging.

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