How to visit the mines of Larimar?

Many tourist sites invite you to visit the Larimar Mines to discover the wonderful Larimar stones and their extraction process. Indeed, the Larimar is a precious stone of the Dominican Republic, ultra sought after by visitors from around the world. So, how to get there? How to explore this site? Find the answer to all your questions by having a look at the following.

The Larimar, presentation!

Part of the pectolite family, larimar is a fine mineral that belongs to the silicate group. It is a gemstone of volcanic origin. And the larimar stones found today were formed thousands of years ago. Generally, this beautiful gemstone is found in the Dominican Republic, but it can also be found in some provinces of Italy. In truth, Larimar stone is a rather fragile mineral, as its hardness is between 4.4 and 5 on the Mohs scale.

Why is Larimar stone so sought after?

Larimar is a very coveted gemstone. This mineral has a unique charm due to its distinctive blue color. Larimar stone gets its particularity from its composition. Made of calcium and sodium silicate, the blue color of Larimar is more or less intense depending on the content of its components. Sometimes, its color can even turn green. Similarly, it can turn red due to the presence of iron. Larimar stone gets its charm and rarity from its blue color, however, this one is both beautiful and sensitive, for when it is exposed to light, its magnificent color fades.

Visit the Larimar Mines!

The Larimar Mines attract a good number of visitors every year. There are indeed many tourist sites which propose to discover them. It is at the same time an educational, amusing, but also bluffing course. By visiting these mines, you will discover the extraction process of this beautiful stone. During your visit, you will even have the chance to interact with the miners, see the Larimar in its raw form, as well as to get a glimpse of the danger and difficulty of the extraction method of these stones. And why not try to participate in a treasure hunt and look for a Larimar stone by yourself. During your tour, you will also visit the local Larimar stores and have the opportunity to discover how these stones are processed.

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