Samana : where to see whales and dolphins?

A vacation in Samana in the Caribbean is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This destination promises you an outstanding stay with the special activities that await you. The most popular activity is whale and dolphin watching, which is a rare and unforgettable moment for tourists.

Where can you watch whales and dolphins in Samana?

In the Caribbean, you can observe dolphins and whales every year. It is in the Bay of Samana that you can observe them up close. It is the largest site in the Caribbean in terms of whale watching. You can even swim with the dolphin. In fact, this is a full-fledged activity that you can do during your vacation. A walk-in Samana allows you to discover a wealth of biodiversity including whales and dolphins. Other places where you can watch dolphins and whales are Tauro Tours, Whale Samana, and Flora Tours.

When can I watch whales and dolphins in Samana?

The whales of Samana are protected. They only come to the Caribbean for two months when they are mating. They need warm water in the Samana Sea because it is there that they find the ideal conditions to reproduce. The whales leave the Atlantic waters to take refuge in less cold waters. It is best to go to Samana between January and March because it is during this period that you can observe the whales well. As for the dolphins, they are present all year round and you can swim with them if you wish. These animals are very intelligent, they understand people and enjoy doing things. The observation of these aquatic animals is one of the activities that attract most of the tourists in Samana.

How to watch dolphins and whales in Samana?

To watch whales and dolphins in Samana, it is advisable to consult the dedicated tour operators. You can check the offers for your stay in the Dominican Republic including the visit of Samana and the observation of these cetaceans directly online. Indeed, there are many travel sites that offer packages for vacations and excursions in Samana. It is possible to have an all-inclusive stay with transportation, accommodation, visit, activities, and meals, ... the dedicated agency takes care of all the organization of your trip. So, once you arrive in Samana, all you have to do is enjoy it.

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