Puerto Plata: discover its famous distillery

Are you interested in the Dominican Republic but not sure which destination to choose? Consider visiting the small town of Puerto Plata, where a rum distillery is located. A particularly interesting place that is really worth a visit. You will discover the premises of the famous international rum brand.

Internationally renowned brand

The Dominican Republic has many rum producers. One of the largest producers is located in Puerto Plata. At first, the distillery was owned simply by Dominicans. But later on, a group of Scottish companies bought a part of its shares. The Puerto Plata distillery exports mainly to the United States and Spain. It is very popular and renowned both locally and internationally. In the beginning, the founder based himself on three important values to produce an internationally renowned rum brand, namely passion, dedication, and hard work. Then, the successors have perpetuated these values to remain at the top of the world in terms of rum production. A success story to discover and enjoy on-site to motivate future entrepreneurs.

Diversified rum products

The famous distillery of Puerto Plata offers a wide range of rum. Unlike agricultural rum, which is made from the distillation of cane juice, Puerto Plata's rum is made mainly from the distillation of molasses. The molasses is the rest of the cane crushed after the extraction of sugar. The distillery offers different variants of rum such as Blanco (white), Anejo (old), extra Viejo (extra old), Siglo de Oro, and many others to discover on site. The factory produces, among other things, many types of Dominican rums recognized in the world. A wide range of rums both tasty and spicy, perfect to design all kinds of cocktails. In order for the rum to assimilate the different flavors and spices, it is stored for about 2 to 5 years in oak barrels.

Rum making process

Located in the Dominican Republic, the distillery is located in San Pedro De Macoris and the processes of aging and bottling the drink are carried out in the factory in Puerto Plata. The factory in Puerto Plata organizes guided tours of the factory for tourists and locals. Tasting sessions are also offered on site to allow visitors to savor the authenticity of the rum. Also, premium rums are sold in the factory for visitors at the best prices. During the tour of the factory premises, you will find nearly 200,000 American white oak barrels in the factory. These barrels serve as tanks for the rum to be aged.

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