How to best explore the Dominican Republic

Explore the Dominican Republic and its many natural and cultural treasures with expert advice.

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The most beautiful places to visit


Natural sites

Explore the region’s indigenous fauna and flora

Tropical Beaches

Enjoy the paradise islands off the Caribbean coast


Historic towns

Discover these charming historic towns


Cultural Richness

Explore the rich and diverse Dominican folklore

Let the merengue beat lull you to sleep

As the saying goes, getting to know a place is not just a matter of opening your eyes wide, it’s also about stopping and listening to everything it has to offer. The streets of the Dominican Republic are full of color, joy, and, above all, music! The merengue indeed has the particularity to be a component with a whole share of the national identity. No tourist, as the website underlines, can escape the excitement of this kind of dance and music during their stay.

A short history

Dancing the merengue

Places to dance

Merengue at Carnival

Rep-Dom, a destination not to be missed!

The Dominican Republic is a wonderful and joyful place to spend an unforgettable custom vacation. Here is everything you need to know for a perfect stay.



Weather conditions

The best time to go to the Dominican Republic


Required Vaccinations

Health precautions and recommended vaccines before leaving


Procedures & entry formalities

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First trip to the Caribbean?

If this is your first visit to the Caribbean islands, it is important to plan your trip well. Learn practical tips for swimming safely in the region’s warm, shallow waters. Find out what you need to pack to make your vacation a success.


Excellent Beaches Hone Your Memories

The Dominican Republic’s dream beaches are the country’s main attraction. Take advantage of the vast stretches of fine beaches for strolling and relaxing, as well as for underwater activities.

Canto de la Playa
Located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, Canto de la Playa is a quiet beach, perfect for a romantic get-away.

A total change of scenery in the Dominican Republic

Visiting the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean is synonymous with relaxation under the tropical sun, no matter what you are looking for.

Dominican Republic

Saona Island

One of the most wonderful destinations on the shores of the Caribbean

Catalina Island

The tropical island with fine sand, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Samana has beautiful secluded beaches and hidden caves.

Best Dive Sites in the Dominican Republic

With warm, crystal clear water, coral reefs, and a wealth of marine life, the 9 dive sites in the Dominican Republic offer enthusiasts a variety of ways to explore the ocean floor.

Dive Sites

The beauty of nature seduces your senses

The Dominican Republic has been promoting sustainable tourism for several years. Nature lovers will be delighted by the unique splendor of its wild environment.


Species of plants

Discover the 500 species of plants that adorn the region during your hikes and visits.

Animal species

Animal species

Pink flamingos, iguanas, grey gecko… welcome you to the lush vegetation.